Luxury Find of the Week: Christian Louboutin Jem Velours Pump

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What a gem and we mean that quite literal. The Christian Louboutin Jem Velours slingback pump screams luxury in sumptuous black or ultra violet suede featuring golden hardware, a sexy peep toe and a sky-high 5 7/8” covered heel. The signature red soled “Jem” is of course, made in Italy and can be ordered online at for a cool $ 1,195.00.

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Louis Vuitton Exclusive Mon Monogram Men’s Luggage for the Luxury Traveler

Louis Vuitton Exclusive Mon Monogram Men's Luggage for the Luxury Traveler

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Louis Vuitton is very well known for producing extremely luxurious and well-crafted travel bags. The Mon Monogram service offered by the French luxury house adds to the exclusivity we’ve all come to expect from the iconic brand.

With Father’s Day approaching, it seems fitting that Louis Vuitton has chosen four distinct pieces from the men’s luggage line to introduce the Mon Monogram service to its jet-setting clientele. Before dad dashes off to his next travel destination, Louis Vuitton is extending the opportunity to gift him with his very own monogram exhibited on the classic and iconic Pegase 45 ($2,800) Pegase 55 wheeled cabin case ($3,270) as well as the Speedy 40 ($1,030) and the Keepall 55 ($3,270), all perfectly designed and well-suited for the luxury traveler.

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Preview

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 campaign was shot backstage at New York Fashion Week. The ad campaign was photographed by Juergen Teller and stars Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Masha Kirsanova dressed in bright seventies inspired fashion, complete with boldly overstated accessories which include audacious sunglasses, hats and bags. Take a closer look after the jump!

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Baron Otard Launches Fortis et Fidelis – Rarest Ever Cognac

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“Fortis et Fidelis”, the motto of the Otard family meaning “strength and loyalty”

Bacardi Global Travel Retail Division has launched Baron Otard Cognac-Fortis et Fidelis, described as the rarest Cognac ever. The exclusive blend includes some of the oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie from the historic cellars of Chateau de Cognac, home of Baron Otard Cognac since 1795.

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The rare Cognac is presented in an elegant handcrafted fine crystal carafe, made in France by Saint-Louis, one of the world’s leading crystal glass makers. The exquisite Baron Otard Fortis et Fidelis Cognac will be available at select travel retail locations worldwide starting in December. Price: US $4,500.

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Denis Simachev clothing online

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Designer Spotlight: Adele Casagrande & Fendi

fendi runway photos Photo CreditThis week’s Designer Spotlight focuses both on a well-known designer and the even more famous label she created. Adele Casagrande, founder of Fendi, founded the line a little over nine decades ago. Her chic, well-tailored garments, as well as the aid of her fashionable family, helped make her company the established brand it is today.adele casagrande Photo Credit

Early Days of Fendi

Adele Casagrande was born in 1897 in Rome, Italy. A designer from a young age, she opened her first leather and fur workshop in 1918. After marrying Edoardo Fendi in 1925, she immediately re-named her workshop Fendi, after her husband. The house of Fendi cultivated a devoted following of private clients, and quickly became known throughout Italy for its furs.

A Family Affair

Over the years, Adele’s five daughters (Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla and Alda) each decided to work for the family business. When Edoardo Fendi passed away in 1954, the five Fendi girls, with Adele’s assistance, took over the company and decided to take a more in-depth creative approach. With that very approach in mind, Karl Lagerfeld, who later created the double F logo, joined the company as creative director in 1966. After Adele Casagrande died in 1977, the brand steadily began to emerge under the inventive eye of her daughters and the assistance of Karl Lagerfeld.fendi logoIn the years following Adele’s death, Fendi became a major player in the fur industry, increasing in popularity season after season. After establishing a strong name for itself and its well known fur collection, the company expanded to various other lines, including ready-to-wear.

Worldwide Fame and Success

Over the years, Karl Lagerfeld and the Fendi sisters worked extremely hard within the company to create a “perfect” luxury image. This emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail is part of what separates Fendi from other designer labels and keeps the line strong today.In 1999, during a time of turmoil for the company, 51% of Fendi’s stock was sold to Prada/LVMH as a joint venture. But the Fendi line is still as popular as ever. Today, the company runs over 100 stores worldwide, and that number is constantly growing.

What Fendi Has to Offer

fendi lines Photo CreditFendi rapidly evolved from a small fur and leather business into one of the world’s most popular luxury labels. Today, Fendi’s lines include:

    Ready to wearFragrancesEyewearLuggageHome furnishingsPerfumes

Fendi Today

fendi spring 2010 ready to wear Pictures courtesy of Elle.comAbove are a few of my favorite looks from Fendi’s Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection. I love this collection because it caters to its market with a feminine, chic aesthetic. The collection incorporates LOTS of black and neutral tones, (which is a “safe” look I don’t mind going with for most social events) as well as dresses with contrasting cuts. Overall, Fendi’s Spring 2010 line was one of my favorites of the season.For more information on Fendi, take a look at their website,, or browse different shots down the runway at

Your thoughts?

So, what did you think of Fendi’s Spring 2010 Collection? Overall, do you think Adele Casagrande’s daughters successfully continued her legacy? Are you a fan of the Fendi brand? Share your opinions by leaving us a comment!

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Would You Wear… Ankle Socks and Heels?

ankle socks and heels trend Photo credits, from left: Lulu from Everybody is Ugly, user-submitted photos from Lookbook.nuFor this week’s edition of Would You Wear?, let’s discuss a trend that’s been popping up everywhere lately… wearing your sky-high heels with black ankle socks.The socks and heels trend is definitely a look that’s been in and out for a while, showing up everywhere from runways to the streets. It was most recently popularized when Burberry Prorsum sent the look down the runway at their Spring 2009 and Spring 2008 RTW shows.Personally, I’m a fan of this look and think it can work well when worn carefully (see the girls pictured above). When worn with a chic bandage skirt and loose top, ankle socks and heels can look edgy and fashion-forward.

It can also, however, go VERY wrong (see Ugly Betty’s interpretation of the look).I think the key is to making this trend work is to always stick to black socks. Avoid colors/white at all costs!Also, the height of the socks matters – Lulu’s socks (left photo above) hit just above the ankle, making her legs look long and lean. In the photo on the right, the socks are pulled up a little too high and shorten the leg line for a less flattering look.What do you think? Would you wear ankle socks and heels? If so, how would you pull them off? Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this trend! Dolce & Gabbana men jeans


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Are Jeans Fashionable?

Are Jeans Fashionable?

end? Fashion? refers to a dominant mode of expression. Although the term a? Fashion? may apply to a wide range of areas, interior design and architecture of economy and technology, many people associate fashion clothing. That a certain culture understands by fashion is goodness and beauty. What happens to these criteria will then be in fashion. That doesna? Is good in this particular mode of expression will be considered obsolete. When used, the word? Fashion? generally has a positive meaning and is frequently associated with concepts of style and glamor. However, referring to a person as a materialist or fashion, a mandate? Fashion? has a negative connotation.

The idea to make a statement through fashion goes back to the sixteenth century in Europe, then we can say that fashion is more than four centuries. However, what most people in fashion – expression through clothing? began to speak in the eighteenth century on the continent.

Plein Boys

Methods vary depending on many factors, among which the most important are time and society. As fashions change over time is more than evident. Young people have different concepts of fashion. Their perception of fashion are not interchangeable, as everyone knows, it would be ridiculous to see an old man in a young mana? S clothing? And in the opposite direction. There are multiple perceptions of fashion within a company, age, profession, generation, class, etc..

The most striking feature of the method is that it is constantly subject to change. Not many people see this change as productive as it encourages consumers to buy unnecessary things, just off the pleasure of experiencing something new and always interesting.

As for the clothes are concerned, we can decide what is in fashion what is superfluous? How can we decide what to wear? We’re going for the latest fashion trends and become victims of fashion, or we follow what we know looks good for us? tough choice! The idea of fashion in the 21st century is largely that of high-heeled shoes, handbags, jeans, sports suits, designer jeans and torn.

The jeans are a good choice for many people, because they are easy to answer, practical and comfortable. Although most of the jeans are made of denim, they may also come in a variety of tissues. Jeans are popular with teenagers, but are gaining popularity with other age groups as well. Their origin, the jeans were work clothes, but began to be worn outside the workplace during the mid-20 when it became popular among other social categories.

When most people think of jeans, think in a dress casual. The choice of color and style is very broad. Today, jeans are so many styles that it is virtually impossible not to find at least one pair of jeans that suits you perfectly.

But jeans woman? T vary on color alone. There are also different types of jeans to the second crisis. Adjustments can go straight to slim jeans or lose, baggy or low-fat, high in superlow size.

One thing? Sure, the jeans will never be exceeded. A certain style will always be developed to follow the latest fashion trends. So if you want to be fashionable, but comfortable, a pair of jeans is a safe choice.

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